Our Team

Daniela, Field Supervisor

Daniela enjoys working at Clean and Beyond because they use safe products and the people are friendly and respectful.  She also enjoyed the training, the training process and how team-danielahelpful and professional everyone is.  Daniela has her bachelors degree in Theatre and Acting.  She enjoys cleaning because she is always busy and moving quickly. Some interests outside of work are gardening and decoupage.  She enjoys running, riding bikes, swimming, traveling and time with friends.

One day Daniela will own her own shop and sell handmade items.. How very Portland-y of you Daniela!


 Alicia, Trainer

Alicia enjoys working for Clean and Beyond because of the company’s great sOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtandards and commitment to professionalism.  She likes cleaning in general for the way it clears her mind and is stress relieving. Outside of work, you can find Alicia engaged in many different activities.  She enjoys salsa dancing, Thai cooking, running and playing volleyball.  She is also involved with public Bible-based volunteer work.  More interests include world cultures, Geishas, and fashion. Alicia hopes to run a marathon, visit New York, and possibly be a foreign missionary with her husband. She finds great joy in keeping her life simple and with a purpose!

Steven, Trainer

Steven likes working for Clean and Beyond because he likes his fellow employees, thinks Lacey is a good boss and enjoys the consistent work with his wife, Alicia.  In general, Steven likes cleaning because time flies by and he gets to think a lot and talk to himself.


Outside of working, you might find Steven enjoying some of his many interests such as surfing, diving, basketball, football, listening to classical music and video games.  His community involvement includes sharing his ideas on how to live forever, as well as teaching and educating on his faith.

Stevens goals are to live old and be married for a very long time.  To make it to the NBA or at least try.

And… his philosophy?… “You can sleep when you die.”

 Yuriy, Field Supervisor

Yuriy likes Clean and Beyond because the team is friendly and patient, as well as easy to work with.  In general, Yuriy enjoys seeing the end result to his cleaning and the team-yuriytransformation of a room.

Outside of work you might find Yuriy tending to his yard, working out at the gym, jogging, traveling, attending church and spending time with his family.

His biggest ambition?  To be a wonderful husband and father.

Amanda, Cleaning Partner

Amanda likes working for Clean and Beyond because her boss and co-workers seem like OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgreat people.  She also enjoys cleaning and finds it very relaxing. Outside of work, you might find Amanda running and exercising, spending time with animals and enjoying music.  She is new to Portland and is loving it.  She has attended Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona where she studied general education of math and science.  Her ambitions are to be successful and good at whatever she does.  In her home lives three cats: two boys named Goonie and Weenie and a little girl named Skwiggles.