We value our employee’s contributions and loyalty… when we hire you we aim to keep you!


To provide basic cleaning duties for our clients while providing excellent quality. This job may require you to do one or all of the following: occupied home cleaning, vacant home cleaning, common area cleaning, deck cleaning, window cleaning, and/or carpet cleaning.

Successful applicants will enjoy cleaning and are able to cover full 8 hour shifts as well as be on call from time to time.  Shift times vary.. 80 % of the shifts are Monday – Friday during normal business hours, however we do have some evening shifts that we need back up for also.  We are looking preferably for Full Time individuals but willing to consider Part Time for the right candidate.  Ideal applicants will have at least 3 years of work experience and have personal/professional maturity.  Applicants will also be willing to commit to our team for a minimum of 12 months and value job security.  A car and drivers license is not necessary.


… we offer full heath insurance coverage after probationary period!

… you start accruing paid time off the day you Start Working!

… you can earn up to 8 paid days off in the first year!

… you can earn additional time off through our incentive program!

… you can earn holiday pay!

… we pay a driving stipend if you are a driver!

… we offer a matching retirement plan!

… we pay weekly!

… we pay travel time!

…you work independently!

…we have a great working environment and great team members to work with

… we help do our part by making environmentally responsible decisions

Note: some benefits are activated with full time employment only


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“You guys have been so great. I really enjoyed the positive attitude and the helpful, kind spirit that you and other employees exude.”


“I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful boss!  I am  continuously impressed with the environment of confidence and well organized team work you have created at Clean and Beyond – I am so very glad to be a part of the team!


“I love working with Clean and Beyond because they use environmentally friendly products.

People who work there are friendly and are team spirited, they always make you feel at home.

What I love best with Clean and Beyond is the sense of professionalism.  They provide you with a good training and good tools to be always successful.

In addition to that I love the management team.  Words would be lame if I tried to qualify them but let me list but a few; they are patient,respectful,helpful,flexible,determined,reliable,honest and so on and so forth.”


“I like it because I could always know what to expect.  Having something to do all the time makes the time go buy really fast which is nice.”

“I really valued the positive atmosphere and the team feel.”


“I think cleaning is hard work but working for Clean and Beyond made it doable.  I wouldn’t work for any other cleaning company.  Thank you for providing me with a great work environment and for the great training!”


“Clean and Beyond is amazing and I expect to see you grow exponentially.  You will be the newer, classier Merry Maids of the future!  Working at Clean and Beyond was an excellent experience and l loved the tight-knit feeling of co-workers/friends.”



Established, expanding, locally owned and operated downtown Portland cleaning company.   Can’t keep up with demand and our own growth and are looking for reliable dependable mature individuals to join our already great team.  We’ve been growing year after year since we started in 2007!  Come grow with us.


*Must be able to pass a background check free of any felonies

*Must be able to pass a drug screening test

*Must be able to cover up or take out visible tattoos or piercings

*Must be able to successfully complete the 60 day probation/training period

*Must have a cell phone in good working order that you can use on the job

*Must be able to access the internet to check messages and schedule on a daily basis

*Must be able to maneuver up to 35 pounds

* Must be able to take public transportation or have valid drivers license and insurance

*Must be a reliable dependable team player

*Must have positive attitude that responds well to constructive feedback/advice

*Must be comfortable being in close contact with dogs, cats and other household pets on a leash

Thank you for your interest!


Q: Would I be an independent contractor or an employee?

A: We are hiring employees.  Clean and Beyond would be responsible for withholding income taxes, withholding and paying Social Security and Medicare taxes and paying unemployment tax on wages paid to all employees.

Q: Do you pay milage?

A: If we request that you drive your own vehicle, we pay a per day driving stipend in addition to your hourly rate while driving.

Q: How do the wages work at Clean and Beyond?

A: We can’t speak for other companies, however we do know there are a lot of different ways to look at how employees are paid.  At Clean and Beyond we try to keep it simple and pay an hourly rate from clock in to clock out.  Our employees are receiving the same pay cleaning as they are when they are traveling from one clean to another or getting supplies ready in the morning.  In addition to the hourly rate we offer other incentives for good performance.

Q: What is your service area and where would I be working?

A: Our service area is very small compared to many other cleaning companies… 95% of our clients fall into a 4 mile radius located in the heart of downtown Portland.

Q: Do I use my own cleaning supplies/products or do you provide them?

A: We provide our employees with the tools to be successful, which includes the supplies and equipment.  We use very little products and all that we use is biodegradable and non toxic!  Our employees simply need to come to work on time with a great open attitude ready to work hard!