1. Cancellations

    a.Clients may cancel at any time for any reason.  We ask for notice no less then one full day in advance (or 48 hrs).   A $50 cancellation fee will be applied for all cancellations with less than 1 full business day.  Similarly, if we arrive for a scheduled cleaning and are unable to access your home or you send us away, a lock out fee of $50 will be applied.

    b.The cleaning followed by the canceled cleaning is subject to a higher rate.  For example, you have weekly service and cancel the cleaning following the canceled cleaning will have been two weeks from when your home was cleaned last and that cleaning will be charged at a bi-weekly rate.

  2. Payment

    a.All payments are due upon receipt of the cleaning.  We accept cash, check, and credit card payments.  Please make all checks payable to Clean and Beyond, LLC.  Any returned checks are subject to a $35 return check fee.

    b.In the event we arrive to clean your home and there is no payment left, we will run your credit card on file.  If you do not have a credit card on file we can take it over the phone.  Payments due past 5 days incur a service charge of 10% per month or a $25 minimum per month whichever is greater.

  3. Situational Changes

    a.Prices are set based on the living situation at the time of the bid.  If your cleaning requirements change your cleaning fees are subject to change.  Clients are responsible to inform Clean and Beyond of any situational changes.  Such changes may be a new pet, a guest staying in your home, construction, being gone for an extended period of time.

  4. Breakage

    a.While we make every effort not to damage items, accidents do happen.  Identical replacement is always attempted but not guaranteed.  For this specific reason, we request all irreplaceable items (whether monetary or sentimental) be stored and/or not cleaned by our staff.

    b.Clean and Beyond must be notified with in 48 hours of service if unreported damage is discovered.

    c.Clean and Beyond is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item.

    d.All surfaces (i.e. marble, travertine, granite, slate, wood floors and countertops, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm.

    e.If we are specifically requested to dust / clean inside of a hutch/china cabinet, dust any computer equipment or wash dishes, client agrees to not hold Clean and Beyond or any of its employees responsible for damage to any article or component.

  5. Safety and Hygiene

    a.Clean and Beyond staff will may not wash or clean potentially harmful items or substances such as: sharp knives, broken glass, feces, or vomit.

    b.Clean and Beyond also requests that if a client is home sick with a contagious illness that he/she cancel or reschedule the cleaning service for that day.

    c.Cleaning teams are required to wear shoes at all times when cleaning client’s home.  If the client’s home is a “shoes-off” household, please let us know and we will make special arrangements.

  6. Employee Agreement and Client Expectation

    a. Employees are expected to act with personal integrity and honor.  Employees will not plan or organize any competitive business activity.  Employees will not enter into any agreement which conflicts with their duties or obligations to Clean and Beyond.  Employees will not solicit or encourage any fellow employee, vendor, client, consultant or any other person or business to terminate or alter a relationship with Clean and Beyond.  Employees are not to solicit or engage in outside work with any current or past Clean and Beyond client or vendor, unless with express prior approval from Clean and Beyond management.  We ask that clients not tolerate any such unethical behavior, and to notify Clean and Beyond management immediately with any concerns.

Clean and Beyond reserves the right to change these policies at any time.