Additional Residential Cleaning Services

Laundry Service Price $15 and Includes:

  • start 1 load of sheets or towels
  • transfer load from washer to dryer
  • fold clothes that are in dryer

*Additional loads at hourly rate 

Refrigerator Cleaning Price $50 and includes:

  • removing contents from refrigerator
  • take shelves, drawers, cubbies out to clean
  • wipe down refrigerator walls, rubber seals, cracks and crevices
  • clean the vent at the bottom exterior of refrigerator
  • replace shelves, drawers, cubbies
  • replace contents from refrigerator

Refrigerator Wipe out Price $10 and Includes:

  • remove items from main shelving
  • wipe down main shelving and replace items
  • wipe down rubber seals
  • wipe down face of doors and drawers

Dishes Price $10 and Includes:

  • loading all dirty dishes
  • washing necessary dishes by hand (preferences arranged ahead of time)
  • Unload dishes upon request

*Additional loads at hourly rate

Oven Cleaning Price $50 and Includes:

  • √cleaning out ash from cleaning cycle
  • √scrubbing clean metal racks
  • √scrubbing clean access that did not come clean in cycle

*Non self cleaning ovens fee are subject to higher rate

Exterior Balcony Cleaning Price $10 and Includes:

  • wipe down window sills and ledges
  • wipe down railings
  • cob web
  • wipe down furniture and items
  • vacuum

Extra Room (not included into normal cleaning) Price $10

Extra Full Bathroom (not included into normal cleaning) Price $25

Change Duvet Covers Price $5

Change Linens on Additional Bed Price $5

Change Linens or make bed on Bunks Price $20

Pick Up / Drop Off Key Service Price $10 each way

Watering Plants Price $varies (contact our office)