Deck Cleaning Services

What We Do

  • Clean hand rails, ledges, sills and balcony glass
  • Do a final measurement of the deck (to the nearest half foot)
  • Wipe down patio furniture and items on deck
  • Scrub deck and extract water

What you can Expect after your Cleaning

  • A brighter cleaner deck
  • A lot of great BBQ or relax time!

Preparation on Your Part

  • Remove any items that are on your deck

*We will work round any items left on the deck

Price Per Square Foot

  • First 80 square feet at $80
  • $1 per square foot thereafter up to 150 square feet
  • $2 per 5 square feet thereafter

*Add removal service for an addition fee


*Please call our office for further pricing details specific to your unit

*Additional fees may apply to extremely weathered decks