Window Cleaning Service

What We Do

  • Run drop cloths down to protect wood floors and carpet from any unwanted drips
  • Cover necessary furniture when needed
  • Do a final count of the window panes
  • Clean all interior windows (outside balcony windows can also be cleaned upon request)
  • Clean window sills and ledges

Preparation on Your Part

  • Take items off window sills and ledges
  • Move any delicate or breakable items away from windows
  • Move window treatments to the up or open position

What you can Expect after your Cleaning

  • Your home to feel brighter
  • Your home to feel cleaner

Price Per Pane

  • First 20 panes at $80
  • $4 per pane thereafter

*May vary in some buildings and units.  Please call our office for pricing details.

Special Requests

  • Razor usage available upon request at current hourly rate or price per pane whichever is greater

*Please call our office for further pricing details specific to your unit